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What is Drug Rehabilitation and How Does it Work?

Drug rehabilitation refers to the processes of medical and psychotherapeutic treatments for dependency on one or more psychoactive substances. In addition to street drugs, alcohol and prescription pills are also psychoactive substances, despite being legally available or even prescribed by doctors. Substance abuse facilitating drug rehabilitation is in the extreme abuse and dependency formed by psychological and physical attachment to the drugs effects. An unhealthy quantity of substance intake occurs when tolerance of the drug at safer levels builds up, causing the effects of the drug to weaken. This often causes increased usage over time to increasingly unsafe levels. Addicts or their families often seek drug rehabilitation for the addict when health worsens, finances are affected or legal action is taken against the addict. However, it is also beneficial to begin drug rehabilitation before this occurs.

Once treatment is sought, recovery can begin. In-patient (residential) treatment is the most effective, common way to begin addiction treatment, followed by out-patient, local support groups, extended care centers, and recovery (sober) houses. We provide a number of these services and helps to guide an individual to make appropriate treatment choices that assist them best with recovery. A combination of a sober living facility with individual and group education and counseling sessions is typical treatment for those beginning recovery. When a particular demonstration of both time and attitude has occurred in the recovery process, an addict can attend out-patient programs to help maintain their new, healthy lifestyle.

Treatment is prescribed based on the level of dependency diagnosed by a physician in standard 30, 60 or 90 day programs. Detoxification itself, the first part, takes between 3- 7 days. After detoxification, individual and group therapy sessions are available as are other programs, like family counseling, if they are a source of or being affected by the substance abuse.

If you require something more private than traditional treatment, New Life Addiction Treatment Center has tailored an Executive Program to fit the needs of business executives that may need additional support and privacy.

A recent survey shows that 89% of New Life Addiction Treatment Center clients remain drug and alcohol free 6 months after completing in-patient treatment. 100% report a better quality of life. This demonstrates the power behind regaining control over a substance and the ability to have decision-making independent of it with a healthier manner of living.

What is Offered at a Drug Rehab Center to Assist with Recovery?

Drug rehabilitation can take anywhere from twenty-eight days to many, many months. A drug rehab center can treat addicts with residential or outpatient programs, providing a number of ways to get help that are compatible with varying levels of addiction. In addition to therapy, social activities are a good alternative to taking drugs. There are several aspects to a drug rehab center’s methods to induce a path to recovery.

Detoxification and Withdrawal

The first part of rehabilitation is becoming sober. When a person’s body and mind are suffering from addiction, withdrawal can occur causing shakes, anxiety, depression, cravings, headaches and other physical and mental side effects.

Education and Counseling

Implementation of one on one individual counseling, attending regular group therapy meetings and discovering a healthier lifestyle and social activities. These counseling sessions and variety of therapies help diagnose and treat the problem causing the drug abuse, working to restore life goals and put substance use and abuse in the past.

Assisting Societal Reintegration

Assisting the individual to integrate a sober lifestyle. This means establishing a plan of action of how to stay sober, surrounding themselves with friends and family that are supportive of healthy living. Furthermore, regular attendance of therapy is recommended to maintain the positive lifestyle change.

A drug rehab center provides stepping stones to normalization after experiencing extreme physical and psychological dependency. A drug rehab center like New Life Addiction Treatment Center can start these steps to encourage a positive outlook on recovery, and help maintaining that motivation and success to end dependence.

While addiction is a lifelong disease, a drug rehab center acts to assist addicts at their most vulnerable and crucial times – exposure to drugs, when having met the consequences of drug use, and even in relapse. A healthy lifestyle is possible for former users by following tried and true science-based methodology to recover and reintegrate in society with a healthier, happier lifestyle.