A new life sober living has an understanding compassionate staff, not only do they treat the addiction, but they help to make sure the issues leading up to the addiction are faced and overcome. Here patients are seen as people and not a disease. Jeff is a compassionate person who understands that we all have our own demons, but he has shown me that it is how we defeat those demons that we win. We do not have to let drugs and alcohol controls. We control our lives and at sober living they help us gain back that control.

Christina G. says:

I just would like to compliment the staff. They were knowledgeable and compassionate. They addressed the addictions my son was having with a concerned staff in a positive environment . My son is on his way to a productive life with the tool’s he has been provided by A New Life Sober Living. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Diane Hart says: